Engineering Entrance

Purpose :-

For those who want to get the real feel of type of Questions encountered in JEE Main and JEE Advanced, set of books on JEE Main Archives & JEE Advanced Archives – Collection of Questions of past years papers are highly recommended.

Any serious contender for JEE cannot simply afford to overlook its existence. At MEGACOSM we feel greater responsibility, not withstanding the acclamations, for producing quality material,that not only keeps track of the changing requirements but also addresses the student concerns. And this is amply being reflected through this GMP.

By the time student comes out of this grind he/she would have not only attained perfection in the basic concepts but also in the requisite examination temperament. The current GMP version is completely overhauled to meet the new pattern of JEE.

Following are the salient features:
 The GMP, for each subject, has been divided into 4 modules. Each module, is designed in such a fashion so as to provide better cohesiveness, to the student’s approach.
 Every topic within the module starts off with the Basic Theory, which covers the key aspects of the subject. The basic theory is followed by a set of illustrations and objective solved questions.
 The unsolved questions are provided in the section Test Yourself which comprises of different types of objective problems, viz., Multiple choice questions, Reason-Assertion type questions and Comprehension based questions that will test the level of knowledge and mental aptitude of the student. To assist students, the Answers & Hints and Solutions Booklet is also provided to the student but one should refer to it only after serious attempt.